Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What an Irony

In the last couple of weeks, whenever I read news about Indians protesting against corruption in India on British soil, I have found it very funny. The reason I find it funny is because, loooong time ago Britishers whipped Indian asses for protesting against British Bullying in India(on our own soil mind you…). Now Indians are protesting against corruption in India on British soil. Am I the only one who finds this irony funny.

I also have been thinking about something for which I would have to cop lot of flak from Indians(hahaha). Can British government stop Indians from doing this protest??? Well if I start thinking like a British citizen, I would want it to be stopped. Regardless of how peaceful and great this protest is, my tax money is being spent (police, nuisance to traffic etc.) on something that is not beneficial to my country. I cant think of any protest that is analogous to this one to compare to. What I failed to figure out (after lots of searches and reading about freedom of speech in British constitution) was, Is there anything in British constitution to stop Indians from doing this protest?

  • Can British Government tell these people to fly to India and then protest?
  • Can a British citizen get a stay order from court of law on these protests citing his countries tax money being wasted??

Leave your feedback if you find anything in the British Constitution :-)