Tuesday, February 28, 2006

R We Slaves Still ?

Off lately i have started working at a new place. Its one of the big Services company in India. Yesterday was my first interaction with the team and the customer which also happens to be an indian company. I was shocked to see the personality of the team members and the way they conversed with the client. First thing that struck me was team members calling me "Sir" and every other Tom Dick & Harry the same way. When i told them that they are not suppose to address me that way, they could not believe it. Secondly i was shocked to see that the receiver is happy being addressed that way, else he would have objected it the way i did. All i could think of is, all those years of slavery whether its mughals or britishers has left such a huge trace in our blood that it can be seen even today. I always believed in this cuz when i was in US, i used to see HCL consultants who did not know the meaning of word "NO". They would probably even offer BJ (read as blow job) just to make couple of dollars. I understand people have different priorities but is it worth being a slave? I have failed to understand priorities of such people hence its hard for me to answer this question. One thing that i felt yesterday was, to start with atleast i have a challenge at this new place, that is to change the mentality of these people. I know there would be lot of resistance from both the slave and the master but i feel i should try atleast.