Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bin-Laden Vs Mother Theresa

Day before yesterday, i got into an argument with one of my friends regarding “Selfishness” and “unselfishness”. The whole thing started off as a joke, as my friend being a woman said that men are selfish. Once the debate got serious i ended up asking my favourite question in this topic “Is mother Theresa selfish or unselfish”. As i expected she said Theresa is unselfish. I do not believe in it. My argument is that every one is selfish. We all do/want to do things that makes us happy. While we are doing that we might make others happy or sad, help people etc.., that does not matter. May be Theresa's parents did not want her to become nun (I am just guessing don't hold my throat), she did what made her happy. I will quote one instance (of course borrowed from history), Pope wanted Theresa to ride in a car, may be he really wanted her to ride in that car. She could have taken one ride in it, couldn't she? No, selfishly she declared that she would do with the car what she wanted to do with the car which was to sell it. Anyways as every argument ends we agreed to disagree and parted our ways.

Next day i started thinking about it and some how felt will this whole thing make Bin-Laden (The most hated Man) unselfish. According to him he is working for Islam and people who follow that religion. With the kind of Oil money Bin Laden has, he could have chosen to sit happily in a palace in SA with tons of woman around him(polygamy being legal in ISLAM) but instead he chose to be what he is. I am sure lot of you will say he is taking life's while Theresa was saving (per say). All said and done, below are some of the commonalities between them.

“RELIGION”, I seriously believe, with all Theresa did for people in trouble and stuff, motto was to sell Christianity. Theresa invested time, bin laden invests time and his own money. Obviously both of them spent most of their life doing what they believed in doing.(I am sure bin laden is not looking for any other job) Rest is for you guys to think and yell at me.

Comments are welcome... I am the almighty, i moderate comments on my blog(hahahaha). Feel free to wish me hell, before you do at least understand the Intent. I am neither undermining what Theresa did nor glorifying what bin laden does. I hate bin laden too, other than the obvious reasons, because of him Bush spent all my TAX money on WAR.