Saturday, January 26, 2013


(Hormone produced in excess during Independence day, Republic day, Australia day etc.)

Since Australia day and republic day are on the same day, my facebook/twitter feed is full of happy republic day and one or two happy Australia days.

Most of the happy republic day, I miss India, How proud they are to be Indians etc. comes from people who don’t live there (atleast on my social network). What happens on these days I wonder!!!! I think it’s like the monthly cycle for woman, Independence Day and other national days, reign in yearly cycles. People who live outside their mother country go through hormonal imbalance. They miss the idli vada sambar, dosa or aloo parathas more on those days. Now do I have a problem with that? No not at all, I have goose bumps when I see patriotism.

I always ask myself; should I be proud of something that I have no contribution in? Lots of kid #2, #3 etc. (my generation) in India were born probably because of a mistake (lack of knowledge about condoms) or trying to have a boy. In my case, I know for sure. My Mum was not that well off, she didn’t want a second child (Me). It was too late before she could get rid of me (according to me the kind of guy she is married to, having any offspring is a crime hahahahha..). Now she feels bad about it, as I have turned out to be an awesome bloke hahahaha!  If your parents turn out to be morons and abused you day in day out, were never there for you when you needed, should you be proud of them because they fed you until you could get out? I am proud of my mum for all the sacrifices and hard work she put in to shape us, can’t say the same about my Dad.

Can you be proud of Apple because you own an iPhone? You can be proud of your smartness if you bought apple shares for $4 (year 2000 maybe). Shouldn’t we strive to be proud of being better human beings than proud to be a Hindu, Muslim or a Christian? Why should I be proud to be an Indian, Australian or American? Women getting raped at daylight with no hope for justice! Original indigenous Australians ill treated in their own land! 6 year old kids being shot by nut bag who was taught how to shoot by his mum. Should I be proud of an opportunistic decision made so that my daughter can have an option (hopefully better one)?

I am a little confused; I will allow the commenters to enlighten me. No death threats please!!! I already have one (and I am proud of it) for my blog about Indians in UK protesting against corruption in India in UK (how ironic).