Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Journey of Job Hunt

For the first time in 10 years I have been asked by an organization to leave. Owner of the startup that I am working for does not want to spend money on product development. He has decided to close the Bangalore office and keep the Delhi office as it is much cheaper to operate in Delhi. So I am back in the market looking for a job. I have met so many idiots in past one month, wish I had enough financial backing; I would never work in this industry. Below are some of the conversations

I went to a company in Diamond District (they have some asset management product)

Interviewer (I): What would you do if you are stuck in a forest with flat tires and do not have spare, with your family

Me (M): my daughter has super natural power of fixing flat tires, she will fix it and I will move on

He got offended; I told him hypothetical answer for a hypothetical question. I really can’t understand what this idiot was trying to measure, if he was trying to measure how I would react to an unplanned event, i think I faired well.

Next Question

I: how many maruti zens are there in Bangalore

M: If you are trying to measure my presence of mind I can give you any number and you would not be able to do anything about it.

I: give a number

M: 100,281

I: how did you come out with that number?

M: fact that you can’t validate it/debate about it sitting in this room

He was again offended; I don’t see what was wrong in my answer. All these F**** can’t accept blunt answers for their stupid questions.

I met VP engineering of company called DumbObjects (Not the actual name, I don’t want to hurt core values of dumb people), below are some of the conversations

I: 15 days before the delivery of the project, architect (Key person) resigns, what will you do?

M: 15 days before the release if your project requires architects then you are in much deeper shit than him resigning (hahahaha).

I: I want to know how you would handle it

M: I will try to find out the reason for him to leave, if there is anything as an organization we can do then I will try else I will plan a smooth transition and let him go.

I: How many people have you fired?

M: I don’t have the count

M: I asked him what he would do in the same situation

I: it depends; I would probably convince him not to leave

M: That means you have an employee who has no clue what he wants or you are so charismatic that you can convince him. One of them has to be true; I don’t think the latter is true.

Obviously VP did not hire me, reason they gave was that they were not happy about some of the blogs that I had written. I told him; neither do I want to work for some hypocritical bastards. I asked him one question; let’s say I write an article about a social issue and you have a different stand about the same, you will not hire me? He did not have any answer.

It’s beyond my comprehension what all these morons are looking for in a person when they are interviewing. The very fuckin mentality that they are doing a favor by giving job to some one leads to such stupidity. After coming back to India, Thoughtworks probably has the best interview pattern. At least such stupid questions are less (not zero hahahhaa…).