Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sania, Shoaib & Ayesha

disclaimer: I do not have problems in any 2 people marrying each other (even if they both are men/woman)

There are already thousands of columns, jokes about this marriage. I really don't care who marries whom. Specially when they are from a faith which Say's, a brother can marry his brother's wife in the event of one's death. Is there a problem in that? I don't know but need not be mentioned in your bible. Hindu woman chose killing themselves when Mughals killed their husbands due to such hideous things. What is my interest in this marriage that encouraged me to write something about it? Well there are couple of things I am curious about.

1. Who made marriage over phone legal?
2. Is Ayesha happy to be a Muslim living in India?
3. Does Sania know what she is signing up for?

1. In which country is marriage over phone legal? (apart from Muslim countries) My curiosity is, did prophet write that? Did he know what a phone was? (may be he did, he was Messiah (mess ayya).) Even if he did, this is the guy who stopped his followers from eating the tastiest meat (pork), what can you say?

2. I am sure Ayesha is happy to be a Muslim living in India. If she is not, she better be. Since Shoaib and Ayesha both are Muslims, if she were to live in a country where Muslim law (I think sharia..) was the law, she had no case. As polygamy is acceptable in Islam(Wikipedia: In Islam, polygamy is allowed for men (making it polygyny), with the specific limitation that they can only have up to four wives at any one time. The Qur'an also clearly states that men who choose this route must deal with their wives as fairly as possible, doing everything that they can to spend equal amounts of time and money on each one of them), only thing Ayesha could do is fuck herself. I know that Uniform Civil Code is not fully implemented in India yet, still Ayesha had a case. This should be a lesson to all the Muslim fuckers in India who oppose uniform civil code. When their daughter's get raped and eye witness is a woman, they will realise why uniform civil code is important (curious? read about woman witnesses in sharia ).

3. Last but not the least, does Sania know what she is signing up for? She is from a community where some morons were complaining that she should not wear revealing outfit while playing tennis. She is bringing shame to Muslim religion(LMAO). I hope she has thought about what will bigger morons across the border have to say about this (after they jack off seeing her). My advice to Sania is, imagine yourself playing tennis wearing Burqa and a clinking chastity belt from Mughal era (chastity belt is, punishing woman to protect them from men, awesome invention. Couple years ago, a Muslim clergy in Malaysia was talking about bringing it back to protect woman from being raped). Opponents will complain that the noise made by your belt is distracting them (hahahahahhaaha...).