Sunday, September 23, 2007

Visit to God in Melbourne

Finally after lot of convincing from my wife that i have committed enough sins, which requires a visit to temple, we ended up going to ISKCON which is very close to our house. Below are some of the observations from that visit:

As we entered i saw that there was some pooja going on in the courtyard so i wanted to checkout what's happening. A couple (Indian Guy married to OZ chick) where performing "Naamkaran" (Naming ceremony). Priest was an australian, and i heard him kill gayathri mantra left and right. How in the world can this guy chant sanskrit mantra? I know that these days even indian priests cant pronounce it properly but still it was very funny to hear the chantings being killed by a OZ priest.

When i was watching my daughter (she was sleeping), my wife visited the god and asked for forgiveness for all our sins. By the time my turn came to do the same they closed the doors. I asked them when would it open, a white lady replied "god is resting". I just bursted laughing and said "i thought he is suppose to listen to our grievances 24/7 365 days and thats what he gets paid for. That lady was in a hurry to eat, she said look come back at 4PM. I started thinking, if i was her i would have said, "god has just now left the building as he consults at lot of places".
I was hungry too so i proceeded to the kitchen, line was pretty big and circular. I figured out where i am supposed to stand and got into the line. In front of me was the mother of the OZ girl who was performing naamkaran. The indian daamad/son-inlaw(SIL) walked up to her and asked her to come get the food. Lady replied, yes thats why i am standing in line. SIL said, we dont have to stand in line as we are guests who have performed pooja here so we can cut through the line. She said that would be shameful and she wouldnt do that. I told her, i admire your discipline. If i was in your place i would have probably accepted that offer and got my food faster. She started laughing and said, very fact that you are appreciating what i did shows that you would not have done that. I told her come on, i am an indian i would cut through the line.... (no offence guys).

Finally it was my turn to get the food, I asked the guy how much should i pay. He said you can donate downstairs... while returning i put 5$ in the hundi and thanked lord krishna for the lunch and told him sorry to disturb him while he was resting.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Life in OZ Land.....

Vowing to the rigorous pressure from fan(s) (reddy thanks for encouraging me) of my writing i finally decided to blog today. We moved to OZ land (from now on for Australia) in the month of june. I was living a retired life for around 6 weeks. It was awsome fun as i didnt have to worry about earning bread (My wife was doing it for us). My daughter and myself use to just play all day.. i used to make lunch for her and hit the bed after lunch. When she gets up we used to go swimming. By the time we are done hitas mom would be back and i used help myself with some alcohol. I know i am making lot of you guys jealous. This lasted for 6 weeks thats it.
I had 2 offers in melbourne, one from a logistics company and the other a startup, to which i was referred by one of my thomson colleagues. I decided to join the startup even though salary was 30K AUD less. Its been fun working here. We are a company of 5, CEO is the only guy who does not code. Out of the 4, 2 are phds in robotics... (These guys are unlike the phds i have met in the past. SCA folks will understand) I am the most under qualified in the company... All of them are extremely arrogant, so i am feeling @ home here (hahahaha). Public transport is great and no hassle of driving. Remember commuting to office in blore....
I met one of my previous employers who have office in melbourne, i was told that they dont like me as i blogged something about them. So that makes the count 2 (not getting job cuz of blog). I think i am a controversial writer... hahahahaha

Now enough of personal ranting and making you guys jealous.....

OZ land is shit expensive.... For starters, Banana is 8$ a Kg.... Poor mans fruit in India. I was flabberghasted when i saw the price. After living in US this place is very expensive, even if you dont convert things into INR. Most importantly, Oz beers suck as much as US beers... and to make people buy Oz beer these bastards sell imported beer @ a very high cost... Corona costs 20$ for 6 pack.(reddy get some KF when u r coming here). They attribute high cost of vegetables and fruits to famine. One thing i have figured is, this country has less people and they want to make the most out of them. Come on guys get some people from a religion which preaches not using condoms (u guys know who i am talking about). Next 20 years OZ will be fighting to control population like India (hahahaha). My daughter has started going to school and guess whats the fee for one day (90AUD).

People are crazy about footy... Slowly starting to get hang of it. TV is pretty much crap as you get 4 channels without cable or anything.

Oh bfore i forget... i have changed my religion... not using Windows anymore.... on MAC... it rocks
I promise, next blog will surely offend IIM Students (Kartha, watch out hahahahah...)