Thursday, September 04, 2008

Home Coming...

Guys, this is not about soldiers or cricketers, OK. This is about a Brahman trying to be a Brahman again(I am talking about myself by the way).

     I decided to be a vegetarian again as of 3/9/2008. It is coincidental that it was Ganesh chaturthi on that day. My decision has nothing to do with either Ganesha or his father Shiva. Some thing happened on 31/8/2008 (My wife will kill me if i discuss it), which made me realize how sentimental/emotional my wife is about this vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. I started thinking how bad she would feel sleeping next to a guy knowing that he might have eaten this animal or that animal. I wondered, if i was her what would i expect from my partner? So i decided to stop eating meat.
     I have also been thinking about being a Vegan. Don't ask me why, some how i wanted to try it. For people who don't know, Vegan means some one who does not use anything that has animal product in it. Lots of vegans don't eat animal products but wear them happily. Me being me cannot do that. I have a favorite leather jacket, damn i cant think of not wearing it. My wife has been convincing me saying, things that were bought before you being vegan, you can wear them, don't buy anything new. I do agree, she has a point hahahahaha..... So first step towards being vegan is to be VEGETARIAN. Does being a vegetarian make me Brahman? Not according to my definition(that's a post by itself) of a true Brahman. According to my wife, its one of the criteria to be a Brahman, so i am happy to satisfy that.