Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Agile+ in November

I was talking to one of my friends who works for IBM. She recently moved to a new project. She was very excited to be in an Agile project after a long torture of waterfall with client being a federal organization of Australia. Since she was new to Agile, it was natural for her to ask me few questions. I was keen to ask a few questions of my own. Even before i opened my mouth she said that she is a lead on that team. That made me more interested in knowing what kind of an agile is this (generally there are no team leads). She then mentioned something that made me laugh so much that my stomach still aches. She said they will be moving to "Agile +" in November. I laughed to my heart content and then Q & A session followed as below

My Questions, Her Answers
Q: What is the Iteration duration
A: 2 Months
Q: Do you follow TDD, what kind of tools do you use for Continuous Integration
A: Not heard of it
Q: Is there a testing phase
A: Yes, Last iteration of 4 weeks is testing
Q: Is the customer involved
A: Yes

Her questions, My answers
Q: Hows the design phase in agile
A: generally there is no design phase (BDUF vs Evolutionary Design)
Q: Do you think this is Agile
A: Please don't use that word (laughing....)

I believe some morons feel ashamed to admit that they are still doing waterfall/iterative development. They want to use the buzz words and hence use them as they want. I am not gung ho about doing things that some one else says you gotta do if you want to be agile. The bottom line is to do what works, that means produce "working software" (means different things for different stake holders) and "people building that software are HAPPY" (again each human being derives happiness from different things). 

From what i heard from her it more or less sounds like Iterative Development or RUP(Rational Unified Process, after all Rational was bought by IBM). I am sure these companies will soon create a governing body which will certify whether you are agile or not (like CMM or PMP etc. I think there is already Scrum Master certification, what a shame). More than her i cant wait to know what Agile+ has in store. Waiting anxiously for November to dawn while i hunt for knowledge to answer the question "Why do people run behind buzz words"