Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whom should naturalised citizens support

This morning when I was talking to a friend of mine i asked him a hypothetical question, if an Indian becomes a citizen of America, in future if ever America attacks India (i mean war) whom should that Indian support? My friend immediately answered, obviously motherland, India. His argument was that, Indian existed because of India. I asked the same guy, say some one disowns a kid and the kid is adopted. After the kid grows, if the biological parents try to claim the kid, whom should the kid support? According to the previous argument kid should support biological parents. In my opinion kid should support the people who adopted the kid. Biological parents didn't want him. If we translate that to naturalisation, an adult made a choice of accepting citizenship of America (for whatever reasons) and let go of Indian citizenship, he should support America. When i thought more about it, it is the stereo typical Indian/Human thinking that kids are indebted to parents as they exist because of them. That is horse shit, kids exist for 3 reasons; want, mistake & love of unprotected sex. No kid is indebted to parent.
Most of these naturalised fuckers are neither patriotic to the country they were born in (not much choice there), nor to the country they live in and happily accepted the citizenship of(by choice, no force). If ever I take citizenship of some other country, I, Keshav declare that I will support that country.