Thursday, September 09, 2010

I am Scared!!!

I will be starting a new job this Monday and for the first time in my life I am scared. I have changed jobs umpteen number of times in my 15 year illustrious career (shortest duration with an employer is 1 week). With so much job changing experience on my back why am I scared? Below are the things that I will be loosing from Monday.
  1. I have been working for a startup with 4 people since 3 years. I am not used to seeing more than 4 colleagues in a Day.
  2. I had the freedom of working when I wanted, where I wanted.
  3. I have not attended a single meeting since 3 years (demos to customer not included).
  4. Not reported to anyone.
  5. Other than some customers (read as IBM) and our CEO, I never had to deal with any idiots.
  6. Since a year I have not commuted. I have been working from home(wfh) most of the days. I used to go to city on Fridays so that I could have beer with some friends.
  7. When you wfh you get things like, you don't have to get out of your Jamis (Pyjamas), Going to Gym at 11 in the morning, volunteer work at kids school, cooking something nice for my daughter before she comes home etc.
From Monday the opposite of all those points will be true....(except 5, crossed fingers). I had an envious job till date but good things don't last longer. I am shit scared and excited for my new adventure.