Monday, March 27, 2006

Is "Change" that Hard

Last weekend i took my 1 year old daughter to swimming pool (was her first time at the pool). She was in the pool sitting in a floater. She started paddling her legs and flapping her arms with in no time. I was amazed seeing that. kids have such an inherent ability to adapt and learn, its just so opposite of us (adults). Above narration is a preamble to what i started thinking in the pool.
I work for a startup product company which is doing fairly well. We are at a stage where management wants to invest money in product development. Initially they were behind revenues, (this is the case with any startup, else they will go belly up) which has led the product to such chaos that its impossible to manage now. We had Product strategy meeting in Delhi last week to come up with a plan to make the product manageable. What i observed is listed below.

  1. Resistance to change: When i was trying to explain some of the aspects of agile, lot of them were skeptical, especially people on whom organization is dependent on. I was trying to convince them that distributed development can be done with less pains using some of the aspects of agile. Resistance was from people who are considered as extremely important in the organization today. Since i termed them as bottle necks they were offended but sincerely when i think, they are bottlenecks.
  2. Knowledge Transfer: Delhi office was started before bangalore office, naturally they have more domain knowledge than people in bangalore. Delhi public dont want to transfer knowledge, may be because they are scared of loosing their job. This is probably due to management not updating the people about organizational goal or people we have are so incompetent that they are scared of being laid off.
Both of the above mentioned observations are not good for a growing organization.
I was wondering looking at my daughter, why dont adults like us have what a 1 year old has?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is Resigning a CRIME?

After coming back to India and working with more than 3 organizations I have found that resigning is a CRIME. I have observed in couple of places that boss stops talking to you and do not even smile when he sees you. Its not that I am missing something, I can’t stop laughing at such immature thinking. In such a globalized world its very common that people find better opportunity and move on. As an organization we should respect others dreams and priorities. This is what is missing in most of our organizations. If the person has spent lot of time in an organization that he may feel that his life has become monotonous and wants to do something new. Organizations should only try to reduce the impact of loss of such a person.
This is a nice story that I would like to narrate (its real). One of my friend who has umpteen years of experience joined Cognizant. After a week he felt that he was in a wrong place and wanted to quit and informed the same to BU head. As usual these guys think that they have such an amazing charisma that they can influence some bodies thinking and try to give a pep talk. This did not work, so the guy asked him to serve notice period. Can you believe it, for one week of employment 60 days of notice? When I heard this I was rolling on my stomach. What does this convey? People who are heading organizations are so irrational; they have even lost the ability to think. They don’t even know what is good for the organization and what is not. Lets take this scenario and elaborate. What will an organization get by this guy serving notice period. It would be such a loss for the company since they have to pay him for those 60 days and get nothing out of it.
This is the reason why I feel that organizations need to have some young blood at the decision making level. Having only young blood could also prove detrimental; it should be a nice mixture of young and experienced people. Young blood will most of the time have the guts to accept the market reality and take decisions based on the same.