Friday, February 12, 2010

Indians being attacked in Melbourne, Australia

I have been reading heaps about this issue since last 6 months. I realised, i haven't written anything (bummer). Things i have read go from, its not racist its opportunistic. Honourable police department of Victoria even asked Indians to look poor and act poor. He even asked Indians not to take up taxi driving(fuckin moron, that means its ok if Taxi drivers are not safe). I read an article (here, don't know if its still there) which highlights the lack of manners in Indians. How Indians speak loudly in trains and listen to music loudly etc.. That sure is fuckin annoying. I have been annoyed by Australians/so called white people too. I call Apple head phones as "music to neighbours", If you like to listen to music in high volume and you are using apple head phones, god save your neighbour. Couple of weeks ago an Australian teen was asking my daughter where she lives (ass hole), unfortunately i had to be rude to him in front of my daughter (usually i am a very sweet guy). The article also mentioned that Indians don't say hi to a cashier at a store in reply. Does that mean its OK if he is attacked? My dad was a public transport driver (after retiring from Indian Army), how many people would have said thank you to him for taking them to their destination safely? None I am sure. I think it was not there in Indian culture. As we get exposed to, we need to learn. It is bad if we don't. A week ago I got bit by a manner less Indian on Facebook, can you believe that "virtual bad manners". Story is this, I commented on a post of my friend (which was something to do with Rahul Gandhi). In reply to my comment, friends friend replied asking me to get a life(to a total stranger). When I taught her manners she felt it was rude hahahahahaha....

Like every other article I don't want to get distracted from the real problem. Real problem is "A human being was attacked". Now what colour of skin that human being had, who cares. Does that guy have good manners? who cares. Does he have a right to be safe? of-course he does! I hate Muslims, I don't go around bashing people who are Muslims or have a beard like them. All these fuckers who are hurting people are either under the influence of ICE(drugs) or too much alcohol. If it is an opportunistic crime then some kind of material thing will be stolen. Hundreds (if not thousands) of laptops gets stolen in the suburb I live and in the night druggies sell it to Uni students for couple 100 bucks. When my MAC got stolen, this is what cop said "This is very common in this area, do you have Insurance?". I said, isn't it shameful to say that, it means you are not doing your job well. My wife stopped me from further friction, you don't wanna rub cops on the wrong side. If the attacker does not steal anything from the victim, then it is either racist or bastards are bullies. I read that laws in Australia regarding crime committed under the influence of ICE is pretty stupid (Specially if you are under 18), that's why kids exploit it.
By nature Hindus are cowards, if you don't know read some history. We chose Gandhi as our leader, do you need better proof. All Indians who migrate to other countries have their own reasons. May be they do not have a great life back home, which motivates them to migrate. All said and done you need to watch your own back. During such times its very important to behave smart. I have seen New york when it was scary to take subway at 8 PM. Below are some of my tips to Melbourne Indians;

1. Avoid taking public transport very late in the night.
2. If you don't have much choice, at-least don't travel alone.
3. If you cant do that either then you are shit out of luck, sit in the couch immediately next to the train driver.