Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hope of a new beginning

What is so significant about Obama finally realising that homosexuals should have equal rights? Its not like its made into a law or written into the constitution. I know thousands of writers will write about this and question Obama's motivation, political or not. I am a man of few words. Below are my thoughts why what Obama said is important;

  1. What he said is like me telling my daughter, I will be by her side as long as she doesn't turn herself into a thug. I feel that is significant, as President is more or less like a father to the country. However strong we are, once in a while a little support helps.
  2. Suppressed/oppressed/people living in a shell, never perform to their full potential. So many countries are in shit as they have not utilised the full potential of woman.
  3. Last but not the least, most leaders of the world do not have their own opinion. They look up to America and this could bring a wave of change.