Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank you kanye west.

It took an idiot to finally wake up idiotsden. With my busy schedule (i now have 2 jobs and i love both of them. There was a time when it was hard to find one. Just to make most of you jealous/miserable.) i happened to read this news about kanye west and loved it. It blady got even obama's attention. Obama is one guy i will never forget. I read somewhere that his approval ratings were below bush's. Can you believe that!!! below bush. I thought if there is anything humanly impossible, its this. Now coming to the point which woke up idiotsden, whats the big deal about what kanye did. Guy had an opportunity to make news and he did. Who knows, fucker could have been paid to do what he did (TV ratings../mole). May be he was under influence (alcohol/ice/drugs). People who get beat up in melbourne don't get more news coverage than this fucker for stealing 2 minutes from 15 minutes of Taylor swifts fame. All these fuckers who are beating up indians/sri lankans in melbourne, they get pardoned as they are under influence of some shit, why not kany west? I dont understand one thing about these hate crimes in melbourne, how come no pakistani/muslim is never beaten up.... may be these OZ blokes are scared that if they do, they might be pissing off a potential terrorist.