Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High End Sex Workers Vs. Freelance/Expensive consultant

After reading my previous blog, one of my friends (Phani) asked me, what would i say about Thoughtworks consultants? which prompted me to write the sequel.

   I was reading a research from this guy (Sudhir Venkatesh) which is about high end sex workers in Chicago and New york area. The research is mind boggling. I read that most of the clientele wouldn't even have sex with these girls. What kinda morons are these clients, hard to believe isn't it?(i can't believe it). Then i realised that, i have been a high end sex worker before(Agile Coach). Organisations do not have sex with these people but still feel satisfied. I think the satisfaction comes from change, the feeling that they have done something different or they have hired some one to hear their problems. One of the points of the research mentioned above was that, the clientele talked about their marriage/relationship (rather failed ones) with these high end sex workers. I guess these clients and organisations strongly believe that, intensity of the fire cannot be measured accurately when you are inside it. You need to step outside or hire an outsider to do it.

  Now, my thoughts on phani's question.. 
The moment you have a pimp, i think you will not be a high end sex worker. As in any business, pimp gets to keep substantial piece of the pie. When i was working at Thoughtworks (india only), i heard lots of people complain about their salaries. They are expensive prostitutes but cannot be classified as high end sex workers until they become free lancers. PIMP is the king...
   The best analogy (i can think of) for high end sex workers in IT industry are those big names (substitute whatever names you want, i do not like offending people)who get invited by organisations to give pep talk to their employees. I have no idea what they get out of these pep talks. These big guys are like brand ambassadors. If you have a brothel and you have one astonishing girl, then you should make her the ambassador. It becomes easier when you want to hire new recruits. You can run an ad “we have X as our CP”. sorry, CP stands for Chief Prostitute.

I think the biggest challenge these sex workers and their clientele face is “transaction handling”. The kind of rates these high end sex workers charge, i am sure transactions can neither be done by cash nor personal cheques. One of the best things about IT services, all this is done LEGALLY (please.. lets not talk about morals and ethics).